Permablate® Electrolysis Kit

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Permanently remove hairs with our portable, precise, minimally invasive, and cost effective Permablate® Electrolysis Device!

Eye care professionals can now permanently treat trichiasis and distichiasis with the disposable and sterile Permablate. The Permablate device ablates the germinal follicles of ingrown eyelashes and eyelid margin metaplastic hairs.

The Permablate has a sterile, single-use, gold-plated needle which transmits the therapeutic current; generated by a re-usable battery pack. The low-voltage battery offers both low (0.2m Amp) and high (0.5 mAmp) settings for customizing treatments. This device performs galvanic hair removal (electrolysis) and is intended for use by qualified medical professionals.

How does Permablate work?

An electrical current flows from the active, negatively charged needle electrode to the positive charge of the patient-held battery pack. The strong polarity around the needle electrode produces hydroxide ions, which necrose tissue. The needle is extremely thin (100 microns diameter), allowing for precision. Inadvertent overtreatment with unnecessary necrosis of cells external to the follicle is avoided. Needle application must be for sufficient time that all of the germinal follicle cells have necrosed, so that the hair can be removed without force, unlike the temporary treatment of epilation/plucking.

What does Permablate offer?

Permablate is a precise, portable and affordable device for successfully and permanently ablating the germinal cells in a hair follicle.

The needle is single-use, sterile and disposable, offering optimal safety in preventing patient-to-patient transmission of disease. In addition, the needle is gold-plated, ovoid, and extremely thin, allowing for a smoother, easier insertion alongside the hair into its follicle.

The battery has adjustable current settings which provide for customized treatment, reducing the risk of unnecessary collateral damage occurring from over-treatment. The LOW (0.2 mAmp) and HIGH (0.5 mAmp) electrical current strengths provide for the variation in tissue response which has been observed in different patients, as well as for the different sizes of ingrowing eye lashes and eyelid margin metaplastic hairs which are to be ablated. The battery is low-voltage, re-usable and re-chargeable.

What comes in the kit?

The kits come in a hard blue, hinged case with a handle. 5 individually wrapped sterile probes, a battery, and USB charger cord with wall charger is included in each kit.

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