Seasonal Rx Specials

Our seasonal specials include great savings on many of your favorite everyday essentials, from now until midnight on June 30. And the more you buy, the more you save!  Bulk discounts on 12+ or 24+ units.  

30g, 0.5" Hypodermic Needle

p/n: AX10054

30 gauge, sterile PrecisionGlide hypodermic needle measuring 0.5" without safety. Stainless steel needle is regular wall with beveled point. Beige polypropylene hub with standard luer connection. Manufactured by BD. Comes in a box of 100.

5cc/5ml - Luer Lock Tip

p/n: AX10291

Sterile, 5cc/5ml syringe has 1ml measurement increments. Syringe is polypropylene with a luer lock tip. Packaged in blister packs. Manufactured by McKesson. Comes 100 per box.

AltaFluor Drops 0.25%/0.4%, 5mL

p/n: AX0001

Sterile Fluorescein Sodium 0.25% and Benoxinate 4%, drops in a 5mL glass bottle with sterile dropper. Manufactured by Altaire. NDC Number: 59390-206-05. Keep refrigerated. Comes as singles.

Bio-Glo Strips 1mg - 100

p/n: AX0210

Bio-Glo Fluorescein Sodium 1mg topical dye strips. Sterile strips are individually wrapped with orange dye. Manufactured by HUB. NDC Number: 17238-0900-11. Comes 100 strips per box.

Opticyte™ Amniotic Ocular Matrix - 10mm

p/n: AM-OP1010

Merakris Therapeutics offers top-off the line amniotic corneal bandages in different shapes and sizes. Merakris ocular tissue technology is based on a sophisticated and delicate manufacturing process intended to retain extracellular matrix properties and structures. Amniotic ocular matrix is a circle and measures 10mm in diameter. Comes as singles.

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Phenylephrine Drops 10%, 5mL

p/n: AX18076

Sterile Phenylephrine 10% ophthalmic drops in 5mL dropper bottle. Vasoconstrictor. Manufactured by Paragon BioTeck, Inc. NDC: 42702-103-05. Comes as singles. Product requires refrigeration.

Prednisolone Acetate Drops 1%, 5mL

p/n: AX0762

Sterile, corticosteroid Prednisolone Acetate 1%, drops in a 5mL dropper bottle. Manufactured by Sandoz. NDC Number: 61314-0637-05. Comes as singles.

PVA Eye Spear

Various brand PVA eye spears made from highly absorbent Merocel polyvinyl acetal (PVA) material. Designed to benefit both the patient and surgeon, each device is absorbent and firm, allowing gentle manipulation of delicate tissues during LASIK and other corneal procedures.

Sleeved Individually Wrapped, 300 - Sanitized

p/n: AX11932

Each AccuTip cover is sleeved with a cardboard insert, sanitized and individually packaged. Comes in a box of 300. These AccuTips are for use with the AccuPen or Reichert TonoPen® handheld tonometers. These tonometer tip covers can be used to keep your patients safe from a contaminated tonometer tip, thus helping prevent infection.

Tropicamide Drops 0.5%, 15mL

p/n: AX0320

Sterile, mydriatic Tropicamide 0.5% ophthalmic drops in 15mL dropper bottle. Manufactured by Bausch & Lomb. NDC: 24208-0590-64. Comes as singles.

Tropicamide Drops 1%, 15mL

p/n: AX0330

Sterile, mydriatic Tropicamide 1% ophthalmic drops in 15mL dropper bottle. Manufactured by Bausch and Lomb. NDC: 24208-0585-64. Comes as singles.

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