UBM Accessories


p/n: 24-6180

USB footswitch that can be used with the A-Scan, UBM, or B-Scan units.

Immersion Scleral Shell

Reusable scleral immersion shell after through cleaning.

UBM Plus Carrying Case

p/n: 6300-0941

Black, textured, hard case designed to hold the UBM Plus and its accessories. The case has a carrying handle as well as latches keeping the case tightly sealed. The inside is made of protective soft foam with cut outs shaped to snugly fit the unit and its accessories. Outside dimensions measure 16” wide x 12” long x 4-1/2” deep.

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UBM Probe Holder

p/n: 24-6370

Holder for the UBM Probe. For use when probe in not in use.

USB Cable

p/n: 24-6101

USB cable for B-Scan units or UBM units. Used to connect the unit to the computer.

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