Adhesive Towel Drape

p/n: AX10146KL

This towel drape measures 18” x 12” and the adhesive area measures 18” x 1.5”. Uses aggressive adhesive that leaves no residue, a non-linting, tear-resistant poly release liner, and a strong, drapable, low-glare matte finish film. Sterile. Sold 10 per box.

Aperture Drape

Circular aperture with adhesive area. Non-linting, tear-resistant, waxy paper release liner. Thin, soft, drapeable, low-glare matte-finish film.

Convertors Refractive Drape

p/n: AX10432KL

Sterile, 2-piece drape with circle aperture. Adhesive square around aperture area. For use in LASIK, refractive, corneal, and lid/plastic procedures. Overall size is 16" x 10.75".

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General-Purpose Drape

p/n: AX11929KL

A 2-pack of sterile utility drapes measuring 25” x 15” with adhesive tape. Unfenestrated and without pouches. Sold 2 drapes per pack and 100 packs per box.

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Incise Drape with Pouch

p/n: AX10830KL

Drape measures 48" x 51". Adhesive area measures 5" x 4.5" and pouch measures 10" x 11". Incise adhesive area. Non-linting, tear-resistant, waxy paper release liner. Fluid pouch with moldable strip for additional fluid control.

Instrument Cover

p/n: AX10525KL

Large instrument cover measures 24" x 18". Used to cover instruments or mayo stand. This drape features a strong, clear, poly film that is transparent for improved observation and provides a barrier to fluids. It also features an aggressive adhesive strip with no residue.

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Medi-Pak Performance Drape

p/n: AX14994KL

Minor procedure Medi-Pack performance sterile field drape measures 18" x 26". Made out of tissue and poly. Unfenestrated.

Towel Drape

Disposable, sterile towel drapes for use in minor surgical or therapeutic procedures where a sterile field or drape is required. Poly-interlined, 3-ply construction — tissue/poly/tissue — provides absorbency while preventing possible moisture or bacteria migration.

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