Change-a-Tip Cautery

These replaceable battery and replaceable tip cauteries are the next advance in battery-operated cauteries where reusability is a must. These products are excellent for the office, ER, and clinical procedures.

Eye Bubble

p/n: AX15014

The Bovie eye bubble is a clear protective bubble that is to be used for ophthalmic procedures.

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High-Temperature Cautery

High-temperature cauteries are popular for many types of procedures, including pinpoint hemostasis, evacuation of a subungual hematoma, controlling diffuse bleeders, and sculpting woven grafts. Cauteries are individually packaged, sterile, and sold 10 per box.

Low-Temperature Cautery

With a variety of low temperatures and fine tips the surgeon is ensured precise pinpoint hemostasis. These cauteries can be used in a variety of ophthalmic procedures.

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