Atomizer - 1 oz.

p/n: AX15726

Metal atomizer with adjustable tip for directing spray up or down to reach inaccessible areas of the throat. Comes with 1 oz. glass bottle, metal top with plastisol bulb, adjustable swivel tip, and vented nasal guard. For use with oil or water solutions. Manufactured by Drive Medical. Comes as singles.

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Chin Rest Pins - Topcon Slit Lamp

p/n: AX13591

White chin rest pins that are designed to fit Topcon and other name brand slit lamps. Shaft measures 6.5mm long x 4mm in diameter. Pin head measures 8.85mm in diameter. Manufactured by Amcon. Comes as a pair.

Instrument Tray - Adjustable Stainless Steel, 19.25" x 12.62" x 0.75 "

p/n: AX11967

Mobile stainless steel instrument tray. Removable tray measures 12.62" x 19.25" x 0.75" with an adjustable stand ranging from 29.25" x 48.75" heights. Five leg base with five dual wheel nylon coasters. Manufactured by McKesson. Comes as singles.

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Pharmaceutical Tray - Deluxe

p/n: AX0922

Black pharmaceutical organizer has a place for dilation drops, Shrimer and Fluorescein Strips, Dacriose or CL solutions, ointments, gonioprism, Alger Brush, and Rx pad, and Amsler Grid Pad. Can sit on desk or has holes for wall mount. Holds 11 eye drops. Comes as singles.

Pharmaceutical Tray - Half Size

p/n: AX11211

Small white plastic pharmaceutical organizer tray that provides a place for tissues, cotton swabs, 8 eye drop bottles, and wipes. Made from ABS plastic. Measures 8"x 8.5" in size. Comes as singles.

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Phoropter Replacement Rod

p/n: AX14464

This phoropter replacement rod is a similar design and size as the AO. One side shows inches and diopter demand,the other side shows centimeters. Manufactured by Bernell. Comes as singles.

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Prosthesis Remover

p/n: AX10717

Suction cup type tool used by the patient and the practioner to insert or remove a prosthetic eye.

Reusable Goldmann Tonometer Prism

p/n: 2401-P-8037

Sterile, individually packaged, reusable Goldmann applanation tonometer prisms. Fits most common applanation tonometer prism holders. Manufactured by Keeler.

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