Masks, Caps, and Gowns

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Exam Gown

Exam gowns are an efficient way to offer patients a high level of privacy during exams while saving your facility laundry expenses. These disposable gowns are blue in color and designed with the patient's comfort in mind, while staying at an affordable price.

Isolation and Fluid-Resistant Surgical Gown

p/n: AX11795

McKesson Isolation and Fluid-Resistant Gowns are designed for comfort and flexibility of movement. They are made of a non-woven, durable material and feature elastic cuffs.

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Non-Skid Shoe Cover

Blue, non-skid shoe covers offer improved floor traction while having an elastic opening that provides a snug comfortable fit.

Smooth Bottom Shoe Cover

p/n: AX0208

Smooth covers are ideal for jobs that do not require a non-skid tread. Made from spunbound polypropylene that is sewn together instead of glued, offering greater strength. Latex-free.

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Surgeon Cap

p/n: AX11823

Blue surgeon caps that feature traditional tie-on styling. Uses comfortable material that is ideal for extended wearing during surgeries. One size fits most. Sold 100 per box.

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Surgical Gown

These surgical gowns are extremely comfortable and provide the right level of protection during surgeries.

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