Cryo Units

Keeler Cryomatic Cryo Unit

p/n: 2509-P-1010

With exceptional reliability, the Cryomatic delivers quality and versatility when using either disposable or reusable probes. The integral software automatically detects the type of probe in use and adjusts the unit accordingly, meaning the unit is ready for use in a matter of minutes.

Single-Use Cryo Probe

p/n: 2509-P-8033

The Keeler single-use probe ensures comfort, safety and reliability for both you and your patients. The new design incorporates an ergonomic handle to fit comfortable in your hand, whilst the orientation pip enables perfect placement for increased efficiency. The Keeler single-use probes offer the same quality, performance and precision as our renowned reusable retinal probes, whilst offering the peace of mind that a sterilised probe is on hand for every patient.

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