Keeler Cryomatic Cryo Unit

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Keeler have over 40 years’ experience in offering ophthalmic cryo surgical units starting with the Amoils cryosurgical unit. Building on the exceptional reliability of its predecessors, the Cryomatic MKII delivers automation and versatility.

The Cryomatic MKII console and probes can be considered a superior treatment than using laser retinopexy for the following cases:

Treating peripheral retinal pathologies One-step procedure for retinal detachments. Laser retinopexy on the other hand, must be performed 24-48 hours after gas injection. Where there are obstructions within the eye limiting penetration of the laser, such as a cataract or vitreous opacity.

The Cryomatic MKIIs coupling system is compatible with a single-use or reusable probe without the need for an adaptor. The cryo console automatically detects the type of probe in use and adjusts internal parameters to reduce complexity and steps required to conduct ophthalmic cryosurgery. The 3.5” backlit digital display and inbuilt speakers provide the user with intuitive cues such as freeze time, gas cylinder status and probe information. 

The Keeler Cryomatic MKII console is compatible with seven reusable probes which are used to treat a variety of pathologies. Keeler also offer a single-use probe reducing the need for sterilisation and improving scalability.

Technical characteristics Automation:

Keeler have been offering cryo surgical systems specifically for ophthalmic purposes for over 40 years. We have learned it is critical to reduce the number of variables when conducting cryotherapy. Therefore, the Cryomatic MKII allows the user to be set up within a matter of minutes. Gone are the days when users were required to adjust pressures to gain the optimum probe temperature; the Cryomatic MKII console automatically detects the probe and applies the most optimum pressure levels to enable optimum freezing of the pathology.

Compatibility with a range of probes:

The Keeler Cryomatic MKII is the one-stop solution for ophthalmic cryo surgery. The console is designed to be compatible with Keeler’s own reusable and single-use probes. Keeler’s range of reusable probes provide users with versatility to treat a range of pathologies, while the single-use probe has been designed hand-in-hand with end users to gain the best performance during retinal cryopexy procedures.

Compatible with both CO2 and N2O:

The Keeler Cryomatic MKII is compatible with either CO2 and N2O allowing the system to be versatile for a range of end-users and geographies.


Gas compatibility: Medical grade CO2 or N2O

Operating range: 3100-4480kPa/450-650PSI/31-45Bar

cylinder pressure: 8275kPa/1200PSI/83Bar

Digital display size: 95x70mm/3.5” W x D x H: 350mm x 200m x 190mm/14” x 8” x 7.5”

Weight: 5kg/10lbs

Complies with: EN60601-1, UL60601-1 and CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 601-1

Equipment Class.: Class 1, type BF

Standard warranty: 2 years


Keeler Cryomatic MKII Console


High pressure hose

Exhaust hose with silencer

Electrical mains lead

Instruction manual

Adjustable wrench

2x spare mains fuses

For both medical and veterinary usage

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