Reusable Cannulas & Cystotomes

Air Injection Cannulas

Air injection cannulas that vary in gauge, and shaft style.

Bailey Lachrymal Cannula

Reusable reinforced Bailey Lachrymal Cannulas are available in 23 gauge or 27 gauge with straight, 19 gauge reinforced shafts.

Bishop-Harmon Irrigating Cannula Set

p/n: AC0230 23 CSKL

Reusable Bishop-Harmon Irrigating Cannula Sets are available from 19 gauge to 25 gauge in size and have angled shafts.

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Bishop-Harmon Irrigating Cannulas

Reusable Bishop-Harmon Irrigating Cannulas are available from 19 gauge to 23 gauge. 35-degree angled shaft and 7mm from bend to tip. Tips are flattened and blunt. Overall length: 24mm.

Fasanella Lachrymal Cannula

p/n: AC0567KL

27 gauge, 21 gauge gently curved reinforced shaft. 22mm open, blunt tips. Overall length: 42mm.

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Lachrymal Cannula

Lachrymal cannulas ranging from 20 gauge to 27 gauge with various shafts and tips.

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