Reusable Cannulas & Cystotomes

Lachrymal Cannula

Lachrymal cannulas ranging from 20 gauge to 27 gauge with various shafts and tips.

Bishop-Harmon Irrigating Cannulas

Reusable Bishop-Harmon Irrigating Cannulas are available from 19 gauge to 23 gauge. 35-degree angled shaft and 7mm from bend to tip. Tips are flattened and blunt. Overall length: 24mm.

Bailey Lachrymal Cannula

Reusable reinforced Bailey Lachrymal Cannulas are available in 23 gauge or 27 gauge with straight, 19 gauge reinforced shafts.

Fasanella Lachrymal Cannula

p/n: AC0567KL

27 gauge, 21 gauge gently curved reinforced shaft. 22mm open, blunt tips. Overall length: 42mm.

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Air Injection Cannulas

Air injection cannulas that vary in gauge, and shaft style.

Bishop-Harmon Irrigating Cannula Set

p/n: AC0230 23 CSKL

Reusable Bishop-Harmon Irrigating Cannula Sets are available from 19 gauge to 25 gauge in size and have angled shafts.

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