Sterilization Pouches

Dry-Heat Sterilization Pouch

Dry heat self-seal sterilization pouches that are transparent in color. These self-sealing pouches are made from a nylon material and have dry-heat sterilization compatibility. Notched for ease of opening after processing, and complimentary external chemical indicator labels are included.

Ster-All Self-Seal Sterilization Pouches

Ster-All sterilization pouches are made from a blue paper/film material. The thumb notch at the fold makes it easy to open and grip. Perforated edge helps to ensure a quality seal. Made of a polypropylene/polyester blend and medical grade paper. Latex-free. Comes in different sizes. Comes 200 per box.

Steam Sterilization Pouch

Various sizes and brands of sterilization pouches. All pouches are transparent for easy viewing and are compatible for EO gas/steam sterilization.

Dynarex self-seal sterilization pouch - 3.5" x 9"

p/n: AX16802

This Dynarex sterilization pouch is self-sealing and has color-changing indicators to assure proper sterilization. Internal and external color-changing indicators assure proper processing in chemical vapor, steam, or ethylene oxide (EO) gas sterilization. Pre-folded for correct closure and not made with natural rubber latex. Measures 3.5” x 9” and comes 200 per box.

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