Dry-Heat Sterilization Pouch

Dry heat self-seal sterilization pouches that are transparent in color. These self-sealing pouches are made from a nylon material and have dry-heat sterilization compatibility. Notched for ease of opening after processing, and complimentary external chemical indicator labels are included. Nylon material is clear, strong, and puncture-resistant, maintaining a durable barrier for instrumentation until point of use. Nylon packaging products are manufactured for use with dry heat processes up to 420°F. Includes built-in adhesive tape, which eliminates the need for a heat sealer or indicator tape. Sold 100 per box.

Option Closure Type Application Color Dimensions Manufacturer Material Package Quantity Sterility Unit Purchase
4" Sterilization Pouch
4" x 10" sterilization pouch.
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Pouch Nylon Self Seal 2 x 10
Self Seal Sterilization Pouch Transparent 2 X 10 Inch SPS Medical Supply Nylon 100 per box Dry Heat
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