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Dilating Drops

Atropine Sulfate

Mydriatic Atropine Sulfate 1% drops and ointments are indicated for cycloplegia, mydriasism and penalization of the healthy eye in the treatment of amblyopia. Manufactured by Bausch & Lomb and Akorn. Generic drug name is Atropine Sulfate.

Cyclogyl Drops

Cyclogyl Mydriatic Cyclopentolate HCI in dropper bottle.

Cyclomydril Drops 0.2% - 1%

Cyclomydril Mydriatic Cyclopentolate HCl / Phenylephrine HCl 0.2% - 1% in dropper bottle.

Cyclopentolate 1%, 15ml

p/n: AX16732

**This item is currently on backorder.** Mydriatic Cyclopentolate HCI 1% ophthalmic drops in 15 mL dropper bottle. Manufactured by Sandoz.

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Homatropine Drops 5%, 5mL

p/n: AX9600

Homatropine Hydrobromide 5% drops 5mL.

Paremyd Drops 1% - 0.25%, 15mL

p/n: AX11573

Paremyd Mydriatic Hydroxyamphetamine / Tropicamide 1% - 0.25% ophthalmic drops 15 mL.

Pentolate Drops 1%

p/n: AX10202

Cyclopentolate HCl 1% ophthalmic drops.

Pentolate Drops 2%

p/n: AX15897

Cyclopentolate Hydrochloride Ophthalmic Solution, USP 2% ophthalmic drops.

Phenylephrine Drops 10%, 5mL

p/n: AX0315

Phenylephrine 10% ophthalmic drops in dropper bottle.

Phenylephrine Drops 2.5%

p/n: AX0310

Phenylephrine 2.5% ophthalmic drops 15 mL in dropper bottle.

Tropicamide Drops

**AX0320, AX0330, AX0331, AX0332, and AX10049 are currently on backorder.** Mydriatic Tropicamide ophthalmic drops in bottle.

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