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Lacrimal Dilators

Castroviejo Double-Ended Lacrimal Dilator

p/n: AL1380

One needle-point end and one medium-taper end, round, knurled handle.

Hosford Double-Ended Lacrimal Dilator

p/n: AL1390

2.0mm tapered end, gradually taped other end, rounded handle.

Infant Lacrimal Dilator

p/n: AL1280

Very fine, blunt tip. Round handle.

Muldoon Lachrimal Dilator

p/n: AL1410

Medium 27mm taper, distal end is straight to act as a guide for the tapered dilator that follows.

Ruedemann Lacrimal Dilator

p/n: AL1430

Short 12mm taper, needle type.

Wilder Lachrimal Dilator

Long, medium, and short taper, blunt tip, round handle.

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