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Bores Axis Marker

p/n: AR0120

Designed to fit inside of degree gauge for axis marking. Round handle.

Chayet Marker

p/n: AR4120

Stainless steel corneal marker that is to be used during LASIK surgery for identifying and realigning the lamellar flap.

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Dell LRI Astigmatism Marker

Titanium with axis marking blades. Rotating ring with 10 degree increments.

Devgan Axis Marker

The Devgan Axis Markers are designed to improve toric IOL axis and centration accuracy for better outcomes.

Hoffer Optical Zone Marker

Various marker diameters with cross hairs. Round handle. Overall length: 108mm

LASIK Corneal Marker

p/n: AR4130

Three marking blades. Round handle.

Osher-Neumann Radial Incision Marker

Marking blades, low profile. Round handle.

Plain Optical Zone Marker

Open circle tip with various diameter sizes and low profile design. Round Handle. Overall length: 95mm

Toric Lens Marker

Titanium. Axis marking blades. Rotating ring with 10-degree increments.

Toric Reference Marker

p/n: AR0145

Three marking blades at 0, 90, and 180 degrees. 15mm diameter.

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