Devgan Axis Marker

The Devgan Axis Markers are designed to improve toric IOL axis and centration accuracy for better outcomes. The marking blades fit most standard goldman tonometer housings. Hollow center allows surgeon to center marks with pupil without the use of gentian violet ink. Markers are 6mm or 9mm on the inside of the blades and 9 to 12mm on the outside. Markers are either smooth and angled or pointed and angled. Marks 0 to 180 degrees in 10-degree increments.

Option Type Marking Degrees Material Tip Style Tip Type Unit Purchase
9-12mm Marking Blade
9-12mm Marking Blade
Marking blades are 9mm apart on the inside and 12mm apart on the outside. Tips of marker are smooth and angled.
Axis Marker 10 degree increments Stainless Steel Rotating Marker Smooth, angled
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