About Us

Accutome is entering our fourth decade in the ophthalmic industry. The three major traits that keep the Accutome brand growing remain the same: Superior Customer Service, Quality, Innovation. It is our goal to make each and every experience a special one.

When you call Accutome, your experience will be a unique and positive one. This year, we have added more customer service and sales representatives to support you. We understand how busy your day can be which is why there are no dial-through menus or voicemail during working hours. If for some reason the phone rings more than four times, Accutome will take 10% off of your order.

We have become a total solutions provider for all of your ophthalmic needs by supplying quality products such as office medications, supplies, surgical instruments and diagnostic equipment. We carry thousands of products to meet your needs. If you do not see a particular item, give our representatives a call and we will find it.

Accutome Diagnostic Equipment

Accutome offers a broad line of ophthalmic diagnostic equipment. We started in the 1980s by developing the first ophthalmic pachymeter. Today we feature the industry leading 4Sight®, A-Scan Plus Connect®, B-Scan Plus®, UBM Plus®, PachPen®, AccuPach VI® and AccuPen ® handheld tonometer.

We recognize your need for qualified technical assistance. Accutome offers specialized support from one of our five dedicated product specialists. They are available Monday-Friday 8:30 am - 5:00 pm.

Accutome Surgical Instruments and Supplies

Accutome offers a full line of diamond and metal surgical blades along with hand held surgical instruments and surgical disposable products. We are the industry leader in the production of diamond knives. We cross-reference and competitively bid on all major brands of ophthalmic instruments - just send us your list for a bid.

Our reputation for innovation has been developed based on our relationships with top surgeons. Do you have an idea for a new instrument? Give us a call to discuss your idea.

Accutome Office Medications and Supplies

Accutome carries thousands of diagnostic and therapeutic products. There are no minimum order requirements and most products ship out on the same day. We run quarterly specials on our most popular products. Simply log into your online account or call your representative to save today.

Accutome Repair Center

Our state-of-the-art repair and technical support center is staffed by highly trained technicians. We offer expert repairs on all brands of ophthalmic surgery instruments and ultrasound. We are also experts in diamond knife repair, having the largest diamond repair facility in the US. Accutome can customize diamond blades to your specifications and the Diamond Exchange Program allows you to down size existing blades for the price of a repair. Any brand or style can be repaired by us, usually in 24 hours. Our instrument repair unit can sharpen or repair surgical instruments making them like new.

Accutome - Where the difference is visible