AccuPen Vet

Added: Jan 1, 2015 12:05 pm

- Designed for veterinary use

- New technology features a one tap, one reading design

- Obtain the same accurate IOP reading as previous model


• One tap - One Reading

• Gravity Offset Technology provides accurate IOP measurements with less calibration in any testing position.

• Low cost battery takes up to 15,000 readings.

• Self Calibrating. No more up, down and around.

• Large LCD Display stores up to 9 measurements with a calculated average.

• Adjusted IOP Calculation to correct for varying CCTs.

• Comes with heavy duty traveling case and lanyard for easy transportation.

To prevent cross contamination, Accutome offers a variety of tip covers for the AccuPen Vet.

The AccuPen Vet is supported by Accutome's superior customer service and technical experience. Call to order the AccuPen Vet today and receive 100 free AccuTip covers.

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