Biological Indicator Test Pack

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The 3M Attest incubator provides optimal incubation conditions for the accurate readout of 3M Attest biological indicators. Biological indicator incubator, 14-vial (round), 56°C steam, 120 nominal voltage required, 90-132V acceptable. Kit includes: incubator, 1 roll tape, 1 box biological indicators, 1 bag chemical indicators, the log book, inservice video, and wall chart. Sterilization is indicated with color change and takes 48 hours for test results. Latex-free.

Complete biological indicator test packs that includes everything needed for the monitoring of the steam sterilization process. For clinics, medical, and veterinary offices. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and AAMI recommend a weekly biological indicator challenge of all sterilizers. This is important to help prevent cross-contamination and to protect patients and medical professionals from infection that can result from a faulty sterilizer or its incorrect operation.

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