Brody Femtosecond Dissecting Cannula

The Brody Femtosecond Dissecting Cannula for laser-assisted cataract surgery is a disposable 25 gauge stainless steel cannula that both easily opens laser incisions and allows for fast, efficient injection of intraocular lidocaine and/or viscoelastic. This elegant device is placed either on a TB syringe filled with lidocaine or directly on the viscoelastic syringe (for those not using intraocular anesthetic). The shovel-like tip allows for easy and safe opening of both the sideport and the main incision. Single-use design removes the need for sterilization. Combination of spatula and cannula reduces the number of instrument hand-offs between scrub tech and surgeon, saving time and improving efficiency. Unique tip design with 25 gauge width reduces wound stretching when compared to other laser incision instrumentation.

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