Ophthalmic Instrument Repair Center

Accutome provides a wide range of ophthalmic instrument and equipment repair services including: Phaco Handpiece, Hand-Held Instrument, and Diamond Knives (all brands and all styles). Accutome can also repair a long list of ultrasound equipment. Our experienced staff provides quality, professional service utilizing technologically advanced in-house repair facilities.

Specific repair services include:

Phaco Handpiece Repair

  • Servicing all major brands, with 6 or 12 month warranty, 5 day repair turnaround

Diamond Knife Repair

  • Most knife sizes and styles can be repaired, usually within 24 hours. We will refurbish your old handles when your diamond blades are repaired.
  • Diamond Exchange Program allows you to upgrade or change blade designs as your incisional needs change. Accutome will replace the older blade in your diamond knife with a new state-of-the-art Clear Cornea, Simplicity one pass, or Phaco blade for the price of a repair.
  • Exact Size Guarantee within 60 days of a diamond knife purchase, Accutome adjusts diamond widths at No Extra Charge should the surgeon require a larger or smaller incision.

Instrument Repair

  • Any Hand Held Surgical Instrument can be repaired.
  • Forceps – Straightening, Aligning and remanufacture Forceps Teeth
  • Scissors - Sharpening and Refurbishing
  • Hooks & Manipulators
  • Needle Holders
  • Speculums

Cryo Handpieces

Camera Repair

Servicing many brands including:

  • Stryker
  • Storz
  • Dyonics
  • Olympus
  • Linvatec

Ethicon Harmonic Scalpels (R)

Accutome Ultrasound Repair

Includes repair, calibration, or consumable items and new probes. Accutome Inc. services the following units:

  • Accutome AccuPen Handheld Tonometer
  • Accutome A-Scan Plus Connect
  • Accutome A-Scan Plus
  • Accutome A-Scan Synergy
  • Accutome B-Scan Plus
  • Accutome B-Scan Pro
  • Accutome PachPen
  • Accutome AccuPach V
  • Accutome AccuPach VI
  • Accutome UBM Plus

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